Experts in Tech

We help decision makers implement and understand technology, faster, easier and better

  • AI, data science, data strategy
  • Blockchain and tokenomics
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

Tesseract Academy

We help decision makers implement and understand technology, faster, easier and better.

From AI to blockchain, from project management to product development, from tech culture to fundraising and more.


Clients and Partners

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Our services

Our vision is to enable any organisation use technologies such as AI, data science and blockchain. We do this through our combination of consulting, education and implementation services.

Data strategy and AI

We assist organisations and leaders in designing the perfect data strategy, but we also deliver complete data science and AI solutions for companies of all sizes.

Tech advisory and workshops

We provide advisory services on a variety of topics such as product development, strategy, organisational culture, project management and more.

Blockchain and tokenomics

We assist with tokenomics and protocol design, but our team can also help implement blockchain and smart contract solutions for your business.

Courses and certificates

Our online-assisted courses and certificates, combine world-class content with world-class coaching and can boost your CV, your career and your business.

Live workshops and consulting

Our experts offer both live workshops (online or in-person), as well as consulting in all areas of technology. Our services and workshops are optimised for non-experts and decision makers.

Blockchain (tokenomics, Defi and implementation)

Are you tech-savvy? Looking to make a difference in your business?

Internet-of-Things and AI

Learn Data Science/AI with our free events and webinars and take a step ahead towards your entrepreneur journey.

Data-driven product development

Running various programs and courses to help decision-makers to evolve their business.

Entrepreneurship and fundraising

Planning to start a business that uses AI/data science? We’ve got you covered!

AI/data science project management

Introduction to the soft parts of data science with our complete package.

Organisational culture, hiring, management in tech

Workshops accompanied by data science classes with unlimited support.

Testimonials About Our Work in AI, Data Science and Blockchain

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Our Industries

Our experts cover every industry that technology is currently disrupting. From blockchain applications in finance and supply chain, to AI in HR and predictive maintenace, AI-generated art, education and many more.

Courses and Certificates

cybersecurity and gdpr

GDPR, Data Privacy and Cybersecurity for Small Businesses


Data science and AI for decision makers: The complete package

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