Do you want build products that make a real impact?

The data-driven product bootcamp by Noam Auerbach will help product managers and other product practitioners level up their decision-making skills.

Expect to work through collaborative exercises alongside other smart, creative product leaders who want to enhance their skills at both identifying the right products and features to build and building the support to do so.

Noam Auerbach

What are you going to learn?

  • Is it a problem? How to understand and read qualitative data as part of the research phase.
  • Will it work? How to validate your product before building it.
  • Will it move the needle? How to quantify the impact of a new feature on your main KPIs, before building it?
  • Is it important? OKRs and KPIs, how to choose and define them?
  • What did it do? A/B testing – the complete guide .
  • How to not be data-driven? identifying the questions that data can not answer .

Who should attend this bootcamp?

  • founders
  • product leaders
  • marketing leaders
  • product managers
  • designers
  • product marketers
  • user experience designers
  • user researchers
  • engineering leaders
  • data analysts

Whether you just got started in a new job, got a new assignment from your boss, or have been developing a sense that your existing product needs a change in investment or direction, this workshop for product leaders will equip you with tools and techniques you can use to build agreement as you build out your product strategy and roadmap.

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Who will be leading the bootcamp?

Noam Auerbach, Data Product Manager and consultant with 10+ years of experience in the field.

Noam is a product person focused on scaling and monetizing platforms. Throughout his career, he has been on the fine line between product management and growth; driving retention and revenue. At the moment, he is the head of product & growth at Enhancv – the world’s leading resume builder and career development platform. Before that, he was the product lead at Tourlane (a Soquia Berlin-based travelling start-up), head of product at YEAY (Berlin-based video social shopping app) and the Growth PM at SoundCloud.

Are you interested? Buy a ticket now!

NOTE: Eventbrite forces us to add a date to our events. The date of the event below is NOT the actual date. The original workshop was an 8 hour in person event. This bootcamp will be held online, and since an 8-hour online session is not practical, we will be breaking it down in 2-3 sessions. These dates and hours of the sessions will be agreed with the participants, to make sure it is convenient for everyone.

So, simply buy a ticket and then we will make sure we find a date/time that works for you!

If you are interested to learn more about when this event will run, or you are interested in in-house training, then get in touch.