Data science, AI and blockchain for decision makers

Have you ever felt confused by terms such as “data science” and “big data“? Or blockchain, Ethereum and tokenomics? What is really the difference between AI and machine learning? You’ve heard you can raise money through an ICO, but don’t know how? How can you hire a good data scientist or a software developer or build a data-driven organisation? You’d like to use data-science, but don’t know where to start?  The Tesseract Academy provides the training you need. The training that the Tesseract Academy provides is optimised for the non-technical decision maker be it a startup founder, a CEO or a head of a department. It is not for those who want to become data scientists or software developers, but rather those who want to understand technology in the simplest way in order to use it within their organisation.

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Impressions about our data science, AI and blockchain workshops
vangelis andrikopoulos

Vangelis Andrikopoulos

Analyst at Outlier Ventures

"Stelios explained technical terms in a simple way that helped understand the basics of how data science works. We got to see how data scientists think from their perspective and how we can approach them the right way. I also met a lot of like minded people who all shared their experiences and approaches. Great insights!"

nadeem lone

Nadeem Lone

Founder and Director at CodeSearch

"The workshop Stylianos has created is a must-attend for businesses looking to embark on their Data Science Journey. His delivery, combined with the clear, concise content and interactive themes makes this a session that will leave you full of confidence and knowledge, with lots of real take-aways on how to apply the information within your business."

anand phase

Anand Phanse

Managing Director at Actinide Ltd.

"Stelios manages within a few hours to provide a distilled summary of very high level expertise! The workshop helped me understand how data science can be used within an organisation, and how to hire and interact with data scientists. Highly recommended!"

tim gordon

Tim Gordon

Chief Executive at the Liberal Democrats

“Stylianos brings great enthusiasm to his workshop – his interest in all things AI shines through.”

francois chesney

Francois Chesnay

Director at Sunhaven Capital

"Stylianos' workshop was very useful not only in terms of its technical content, going through an overview of AI, and its applications, but also in practical terms, explaining how to successfully build, manage and develop an AI team. The workshop was also an interesting networking opportunity to meet a number of fascinating individuals."

dominik byrne

Dominik Byrne

Investor, Entrepreneur, Advisor

"Stylianos’s bespoke workshop allows for in-depth complicated analytical concepts to be understood in a manageable and easy way. Coving the background of the constant changing world of data science and breaking down the key concepts of data science. You will come away with increased knowledge and get to connect with great like minded people."

Ivo Gospodinov

Ivo Gospodinov

Director at WinwInnKeeper

"Stylianos is an absolute expert!
He has the unique ability to break down the very complex subject of machine learning and artificial intelligence for c - level executives with no tech background. I was able to grasp and fully understand the concepts and their implementation in my businesses. I have taken the decision and look forward to working with Stylianos!"

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