This month of September we have some exciting things taking place such as an IOT workshop for non-technical executives as well as a free event on Models for Understanding Organisational Culture on the 29th September!


ONLINE EVENT: An introduction to Internet-of-Things for non-technical executives (15th Sept)

Internet of things is one of the most exciting technologies of our times, with great synergies with data science, AI and blockchain. On this exciting free event, IoT expert Shashank Yadav will share everything a decision maker needs to know about this topic.


PODCAST: AI ethics and bias in AI: Towards machine learning literacy with Daniel Bashir

As AI is playing a larger and larger role into our lives, the conversation around topics such as AI ethics and bias becomes even more important. On this interview, we talk with Daniel Bashir about these topics and his upcoming book: Towards Machine Learning Literacy.



Machine learning discovers new sequences to boost drug delivery via MIT

MIT researchers combined experimental chemistry with artificial intelligence to discover non-toxic, highly-active peptides that can be attached to phosphorodiamidate morpholino oligomers (PMO) to aid drug delivery. By developing these novel sequences, researchers hope to rapidly accelerate the development of gene therapies for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other diseases.

FREE EVENT: Models for Understanding Organisational Culture (29th Sept)

In this free seminar we will remove the mystery from organisational culture and provide models and frameworks for analysing and interpreting organisational culture like you would any other aspect of your Tech firm. After participating in this session you will be able to make a decision on which model for measuring organisational culture suits your unique Tech firm best.

Artificial Intelligence and data science in the hospitality sector

With the improved reliability of AI technology, more industries are embracing AI, including the hospitality industry. With time, all hotels will eventually have to embrace a level of AI in order to reduce operating costs on customer support. By incorporating AI, customer experience improves, brand awareness increases, and customer loyalty goes up, leading to higher margins.

The business value of clustering algorithms via Venture Beat

A single type of machine learning algorithm can be used to identify fake news, filter spam, and personalize marketing materials. Known as clustering algorithms, or “clustering” for short, they can automatically discover natural groupings of events, people, and objects in large datasets.


What is interpretable machine learning? How can we make algorithms accountable for their decisions? How can we better explain how AI works in critical situations? On this webinar we explain why we need explainable AI, some techniques that can be used for explainable AI and what decision makers can do in order to make sure their algorithms remain transparent.


EVENT RECORDING: AI, Blockchain and Creativity Meetup Bitclout Edition!

Check out the recording of the AI and Creativity meetup which was held on the 9th of August 2021 which discussed NFTs, the infamous bitclout and many more topics!




Concerns around data privacy are rising, and blockchain is the solution via CoinTelegraph

A decentralized future, with Web 3.0 and blockchain at its core, will provide the best practices in users’ privacy and data protection.Today’s consumers are willing to trade their data for personalization but have fast-growing concerns about data privacy. 



PODCAST: That Tech Show: Decentralised Finance and Blockchain

Check out That Tech Show which featured Dr. Stylianos Kampakis where he discussed the importance of all kinds of topics such as: Decentralised finance, Data strategy and Blockchain.




Regulating crypto is essential to ensuring its global legitimacy via Tech Crunch

The past decade has seen several structural changes in know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) regulations in Europe and globally. High-profile money laundering cases and the penetration of illicit funds into global markets have caught the attention of regulators and the public, and rightfully so. These individual regulations clearly prescribe the pathway for crypto companies, outlining the requirements for obtaining and maintaining a financial license from the regulator. Compliance naturally boosts investor confidence and protection.


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