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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the automobile industry through synergies with the Internet of Things. The vision behind Internet of Things (IoT) is a global infrastructure that collects and processes data and information through different ubiquitous devices. When high-speed 5G connectivity, AI and IoT can be easily combined. This enables a transformation in the space of autonomous vehicles which will have benefits ranging from increasing the safety of vehicles, reducing accidents, to reducing fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and business opportunities.

According to Khayyam et al., 2020, the recent growth in autonomous vehicles has created a new trend of adapting various smart technologies to improve automatic decision-making. For instance, Waymo integrated AI and IoT for autonomous vehicles, creating what they call the world’s “most experienced driver. While most of the autonomous vehicle software components are traditionally hosted by systems of cloud computing, models of new edge computing can be adopted to solve technical challenges like security, network bandwidth, and latency. BMW Group uses AI in its plants, utilizing technologies like NVIDIA’s Isaac SDK and Isaac Sim software “toolbox,” which accelerate the development and implementation of deep-level learning machines.

AI has led to the development of a more advanced and powerful automotive industry on a global level. Many vehicles these days are equipped with AI and they can be able to access any location, sense traffic, and be able to give you alternative routes to avoid heavy traffic. Due to AI technology in the automotive industry, there has been a gradual increase in enthusiasm for autonomous vehicles, with companies like Waymo being valued at more than $30 billion. The industry has been able to cut production costs and bring lots of innovative vehicles to the market as well. Global car manufacturers understand that smarter cars are obviously the future and acknowledge that AI is the solution.