As you might know, data strategy is one of the things the Tesseract Academy specializes in. One of the most difficult parts of a data strategy is deciding whether you actually need one. This can be a complicated and daunting process. That’s why we decided to create the DS10 Questionnaire: a tool designed to help you better understand whether you would benefit from data strategy.

This questionnaire is not the final word on data strategy, and you might find out that your requirements are very special, and you require further consultation. This is absolutely normal. The tool is just there to cover about 70%-80% of the cases that are met in practice and can be a very quick way to assess your current situation.

The video below how you can use this tool and within a few minutes get back an answer as to whether you would benefit from a data strategy or not. Make sure to also check out some of our other free tools and resources. Get in touch if you have any questions, and also make sure to check out our services.