Data strategy is one of the most important parts of any data science project. Unfortunately, it is not very recognised.

Most data science/AI projects fail, as the result of the lack of a data strategy. This is one of the reasons that on this podcast, I have talked a lot about the importance of data strategy for companies of all stages and sizes. This is why The Tesseract Academy has been helping organisations of all sizes with data strategy and data science roadmaps.

On this interview, our CEO Dr Kampakis, is having a conversation with Ruben Sardaryan on the Data Scientist Podcast. Ruben is a data strategy expert from Toronto. One of the most interesting bits of this interview is the explanation of the difference between data tactics and data strategy. Most companies focus on the former, but should really focus on the latter.

We hope you enjoy this interesting conversation! Make sure to check out our online-assisted courses and services if you are interested more in learning how a data strategy can benefit your organisation.