“Stylianos’ bespoke workshop allows for in-depth complicated analytical concepts to be understood in a manageable and easy way. Covering the background of the constant changing world of data science and breaking down the key concepts of data science.” – Dominik Byrne, Investor, Entrepreneur, Advisor

“Stylianos brings great enthusiasm to his workshop – his interest in all things AI shines through.”  Anand Phanse, Managing director at Actinide Ltd.

Are you a decision maker interested in data science?

Are you thinking to implement data science or AI in your organisation but you are not sure how to design the right strategy?

Have you approached solution providers, and found them too expensive, or with unclear value propositions?

This event is designed to help you out!

The aim of this workshop is to deliver to you the value that you would out of a consulting engagement, but within a single day and at a fraction of the price and the time, by distilling years of expertise into a few hours.

You will be spending time with Dr. Stylianos Kampakis learning everything a decision maker needs to know about data science.

Who is this for?

Are you any of the following?

  • CEO
  • Founder/entrepreneur
  • Product manager
  • Manager

Then this event is for you!

The workshop combines teaching, with consultancy work and the goal is to come up with solutions for each individual participant’s data-related challenges.

For testimonials from previous participants make sure to check the Tesseract Academy’s webpage. You can see some of our previous events here. Parts of the workshop have been presented in front of prestigious organisations like Vodafone, British Land and the US Navy.

What are the key outcomes?

The key outcomes of the workshop are:

  1. To help you understand how your business can grow through the use of data science/AI.
  2. To help you solve any specific data-related challenges you might have.
  3. If you are an entrepreneur: To help you understand how to increase the valuation of your company by incorporating data science/AI into your business plan.

What is included?

There are 5 sessions in total:

1) Intro to data science and AI

2) Managing data

3) Thinking like a data scientist (without being one)

4) Hiring and managing data scientists

5) Building a data-centric culture

The workshop comes with a service guarantee (read more details in the FAQ below).

Are you interested? Register now!

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