The Tesseract Academy’s mission is to help decision makers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs achieve the highest degree of growth in their business. We do this, by educating and coaching decision makers on a variety of topics, mostly focused on data science/AI.

As part of our mission, we are offering a set of courses, which are accompanied by coaching, in order to help you fulfil your goals.

Each course gives you unlimited support over email, and an 1 hour data science coaching call.

The courses that we are now providing are:

  1. Introduction to data science for decision makers
  2. Thinking like a data scientist without being one
  3. Hiring and culture: The soft parts of data science
  4. Data science and AI for decision makers: The complete package
  5. Unlocking value through data products

The last course (Data science and AI for decision makers) is the complete package that includes all 3 other courses at a 33% discount. It is based upon our flagship workshop which has been running successful for 3+ years.