We Offer a Wide
Variety of IT Services

Machine Learning Algorithm Implementation

We use popular languages like Python and R, to implement any algorithm, from traditional statistical techniques to deep learning.

MLOps And Algorithm Monitoring

We can use and deploy MLOps best practices like MLFlow, AWS Sagemaker, Google AI, Azure, or design a custom solution.

Algorithm Development

We research and design new algorithms, bespoke to your needs. From bayesian statistical modelling, all the way to customised neural network architectures, and tokenomics designs.

AI Algorithm Auditing

We audit algorithms for sources of bias (such as gender and race) making sure that our algorithms follow the best practices for ethical AI.

Blockchain Development

We have experts for Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, and other popular blockchain technologies, who can deploy smart contracts or audit existing ones.

Data Dashboards

We can design dashboards for data analytics, helping you maximise the value you extract from your data.

Our unique process

Helps get your business from ideation to implementation faster, safer and better than any other alternative.

Through the careful use of our unique frameworks, the Tesseract Academy and its network of partners works closely with the CEOs, making sure that there is 100% clarity on the impact that technology brings to your business.

What is our process?

After the end of this program, you will:


We analyse the problem, and define the key KPIs.


We expose every possible solution, using our proprietary frameworks.


We craft a plan to take you from start to finish.

Execute And Deliver

Our team of expert partners executes the steps and delivers the results, whether this is a strategic analysis, R&D or software.

Measure And Improve

After we’ve delivered we keep measuring and tracking, ensuring that the KPIs are met.


We work with leaders in order to discover the optimal process for transforming your business.

Algorithm Development

We design, develop, deploy and monitor new algorithms, from AI to blockchain.

Software Development

Our full-stack developers implement from dashboards to blockchain solutions.