Data strategy for SMEs and startups

Data is the new oil. All organisations will eventually have to become data literate and learn how to extract value from data. This is why understanding data capabilities is key.

Data maturity is the ability of an organization to fully utilize data in order to drive better business performance. Data maturity for SMEs can be achieved by following these steps:

Build a culture of data-driven decision making

– Identify and empower the data champions within your company

– Develop a shared understanding of what constitutes good data

– Invest in technology that facilitates the use of data

– Create a culture that rewards employees for using data

While data maturity is an important topic, it’s not an easy one. Many organisations can be slow to adopt data science. This is why the Tesseract Academy has put in the effort to help organisations reach the next level of data sophistication.

The best way to achieve data maturity

The Data Science Maturity Framework is a 5-level framework that helps you understand the maturity of your organization’s data science capabilities. This framework was designed by Sameer Rahman (voted in the top 100 data scientists in the UK) and the Tesseract Academy.

sameer rahman data maturity and strategy

The Tesseract Academy organised an event to present this framework and share more details about what it is and how it can help your organisation. The framework covered things like:

  1. The current level of maturity within your business
  2. The skills you need
  3. The steps you need to take to go to the next stage of data evolution

We hope you enjoy the recording of this event, you can see the video below!

As always, if you are interested in topics such as data strategy, data-driven product development, or AI make sure to get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you!