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Technology is not the only factor that determines success in an organisation. The organisational culture also plays a big role. It is very important for people to be able to work together and have a sense of collaboration in order for the organisation to be successful.

This course will help decision makers and leaders of tomorrow understand how they can create and sustain a positive organisational culture in their organisations.

This course is also accompanied by an 1-hour coaching call with Dr Clif Lewis

Who is teaching this course

Dr Clif P Lewis is a licensed I/O Psychologist, Chartered HR Professional and published researcher with experience working in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His progressive experience spans across 15 years and various industries, including the manufacturing, retail, higher education, financial services, legal services, social development, mining, and energy sectors. Similarly his areas of expertise are diverse in breadth and depth, including fields such as Learning, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Recruitment, Talent, Employment Law, Psychometric Assessment, Research Design, People Analytics, Governance, Strategy, and Policy.