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This is the complete package of our flagship workshop “Data science and AI for decision makers”.

This workshop covers everything that is covered by the three other courses:

  1. Introduction to data science for decision makers
  2. Thinking like a data scientist without being one
  3. Hiring and culture: The soft parts of data science

This workshop is offered at 33% discount compared to booking each course individually.

Who is this for?

This is the perfect course of any decision makers who is thinking to work with data science/AI. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a CEO of an SME or a manager in a huge organisation, this course provides the complete package to help you understand and work with any topics related to data science. From data strategy, to building the right culture, to solving problems using data science, this course leaves no stone unturned.

Total duration

~3.5-4 hours


As part of this course, you get unlimited support over email, an 1-hour data science coaching call, and also become part of our community.