AI algorithms are biased. This is unfortunately one of the big problems behind artificial intelligence.

The Tesseract Academy is committed to educating on all topics relating to AI. That’s why we organised this amazing panel discussion on the topics of AI ethics and bias in AI.

More specifically, we are talked about topics like:

1) The AI Ethics frameworks by the ICO

2) Under what circumstances AI can be biased

3) How to fight bias in AI


1) Dexter Penn and Chryssi Chorafa from Kalgera. Kalgera is one of the few companies that have followed the ICO’s AI ethics framework, and will offer their insight into it.

2) Dr Djamila Animer from Mindsenses

3) Raluca Crisan from Etiq that help fight algorithmic bias

4) Kevin Butler, and Rob Smith from Centigy that helps create fairer AI systems

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