The Tesseract Academy and its network of expert partners can help take you from zero to AI adoption. We deal with a variety of software development services relating to data science, AI and blockchain. The Tesseract Academy’s experts have worked with business of all industries and sizes, from retail, to finance, insurance, to agriculture, and more.

Our design and implementation principles follow our proprietary strategic methodologies which ensure that anything we do is based upon those pillars:

  1. Minimise risk for our clients
  2. Maximise impact
  3. Maximise speed-of-delivery

Some examples of the things we do are:

Recommender systems

Recommendation engines are one of the most important drivers of value for any business, especially in sectors like retail. It is rumoured that 30% of Amazon’s revenue growth comes as the result of its recommendation engine. By using our unique development methodology for recommender systems, and cutting edge technologies like deep learning, we ensure that your business can benefit from increased margins, customer retention and sales.

Analytics (descriptive, predictive, prescriptive)

The Tesseract Academy can develop all kinds of analytics applications, from simple dashboards, to predictive solutions like dynamic pricing. Our solutions follow our strict design and strategic principles ensuring that any implementation minimises risk, and maximises the value the business is getting out of the process.

Customer algorithm development

The Tesseract Academy’s data scientists are experienced in algorithm development in all kinds of settings, from computer vision, to cybesecurity, to fintech. We have experience in domains as varied as creating valuations of public companies using machine learning, to creating fraud detection algorithms for the financial industry.

Blockchain development

The Tesseract Academy’s partners have experience in blockchain development, and have worked with companies ranging from startups to huge enterprises like MSC shipping on solutions topics like smart contract implementation, KYC, architecture design and tokenomics.


MLOps has become an important component of today’s machine learning implementation. The Tesseract Academy’s partners are experienced in technologies like MLFlow and Sagemaker, which ensures that fastest deployment of solutions and 24/7 uptime.