Let us help you use AI through our open Q&A session!

Are you a decision maker interested in data science?

Are you thinking to implement data science or AI in your organisation but you are not sure where to start?

Have you approached solution providers, and found them too expensive, or with unclear value propositions?

This free data science/AI clinic is then for you!

Dr Stylianos Kampakis will be leading this free workshop, which will help answer all your data-related questions.

dr kampakis machine learning

Who is this for?

The event is geared towards non-technical decision makers who are looking for clarity, and actionable insights, instead of more buzzwords and jargon.

Are you any of the following?

  • CEO
  • Founder/entrepreneur
  • Product manager
  • Manager

Then this event is for you!

This event is not for students, academics, etc. or other people who simply want more general information about data science. 

Why so few places?

This is an open session, where anyone can discuss any problems they have. It is difficult to keep a large audience, without degrading the quality of the workshop. This is why we have to restrict attendance to only a few attendees at a time.

Register for the event on Eventbrite. 

If the time of the event is not suitable, simply get in touch to arrange a call with us.