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AI and data science are undoubtedly amongst the most revolutionary technologies of our times. The Tesseract Academy has been at the forefront of helping decision makers understand how to use and implement AI, whether we are talking about executives in big corporations or solo entrepreneurs.

Throughout all our years of work and effort, we realised that the number of case studies in all industries keeps rising. This presents a challenge for decision makers, who often feel confused and overwhelmed, by the sheer number of applications out there.

Since the Tesseract Academy is committed to helping decision makers understand deep tech, we decided to do something about it. We started compiling a list of AI case studies from various industries, with the goal to create a comprehensive list of case studies from as many industries as possible.

Obviously, it is impossible to cover every possible industry and every possible case study. This document is already over 10000 words long, and only covers the surface of what is possible with AI and data science. As AI is constantly evolving and improving, more case studies will be added. We can only imagine what the future will look like in 10 years from now.

However, that being said, this document can be proven a very useful guide, for all those who are looking to learn more about the subject. The AI Case Study Bible’s goals are:

  • To give you a broad perspective of what is possible with AI and data science.
  • To identify common themes and threads across different industries.
  • To pinpoint interesting use cases in your industry, and, hopefully, organisation.

The Tesseract Academy’s mission is to help decision makers understand and adopt technologies like AI, data science and blockchain. Whether you are a manager in a FTSE100 company, an executive in a scale-up, or a solo entrepreneur, you are a decision maker, and our goal is to help you make the right decisions. We hope that the AI Case Study Bible will help you do that.

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