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Many organizations and some homes use AI to improve security. Technologies like computer vision that can help in facial recognition and keep records on activity happening in an area are increasingly being adopted. This enhances security as a person of interest can be tracked down within minutes, hence helping minimize tracking time and crime rates in the given region.

Another advantage brought by AI is multi-tasking, that is, the ability to do more than what people can do at a go. It can monitor and protect a lot of devices in an organization, home or company.

Startup like uses AI to power up their security cameras in order to audit employees in real-time, and to ensure they are following the right procedures. This is critical for businesess, like restaurants, that have to abide by certain rules around health and safety.

With the help of artificial intelligence, real time events and outcomes can be recorded using drones. Companies like Digital eagle based in China have been able to use AI technology on their drone to improve their efficiency. Once the drone is deployed, one is able to explore an area of choice. A video of the place of exploration is then sent to the mobile unit that is used to control the drone. Some example use cases include military, security, pipeline inspection, maritime patrol, fire fighting and prevention, aviation, aerospace, mapping, and others.

A key challenge in some AI systems deployed in the security sector is the fact that most of them operate as black box models. This makes techniques from interpretable machine learning key in making sure that those systems can work alongside humans. Another issue revolves are the ethics of using such models in systems as surveillance. While there is not a globally accepted AI ethics framework, it is clear that  the security industry will face increasing pressure to adopt one such framework, as AI becomes more widespread in policing, military and related applications.

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