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The professional service industry involves people who provide a specialized service to organizations. In spite of the fact that the professional service is focused on interpersonal interactions, AI adoption in the sector is increasing. The professional space consists of various businesses from management consulting, to software development, accounting and many more. AI in this space tries to alleviate the challenges of document management, acceptance and maintenance.

To reduce document drudgery Delaware Consulting moved its enterprise resource planning to SAP S/4HANA public cloud. This helped Delaware utilize some of the SAPs AI and automate some of their back-office tasks like HR, Support and finance. Delaware has achieved higher efficiency and productivity by automating 60 percent of the finance tasks with very low risks of errors. The HR automation has resulted in reducing the time used in recruitment due to use of SAP CV analysis software.

Deloitte uses Google’s AI and machine learning services to help its client’s organizations transform decision making and interactions through insights, automation and engagement capabilities. Centric Consulting used EarlySign’s clinically validated AI powered solutions in order to help health sector use data backed insights.  The insights will help hospitals to provide patient focused treatment at the best time and quality. This will help the health organization increase efficiency and productivity while at the same time advancing proactive healthcare.

AI is making an impact even in the most unexpected sectors.  AI in the professional industries also faces concerns of data quality and volume, where data has to be well structured, tagged and cleaned.  But in spite of these concerns, there is great progress that is being done around AI adoption. Services for data labelling, like Mechanical Turk have helped a lot.

Most of the professional services companies are ready to adopt AI as it becomes more popular in multiple high value verticals. With human guidance AI is expected to efficiently give the best insights in the professional services in the near future.

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