The data science workshop

The data science workshop is the core service of the Tesseract Academy. The workshops lasts for around half a day and blends in education in data science, with consultancy.

There are 5 sessions:

1) Intro to data science and AI: A historical overview and a demystification of jargon

2) Managing data: All the things that go wrong in data collection and management and how to fix them

3) Thinking like a data scientist (without being one): Understand how data scientists solve problems, and under what circumstances and how you can use data science within an organisation.

4) Hiring and managing data scientists: In this session we get into the mind of a data scientist, discuss about the data science tribes, and understand how to optimise hiring

5) Building a data-centric culture: Data science does not stand in a vacuum. It interacts with all parts of a business. This session helps you understand how to best put all the pieces together, in order to maximise performance of your data scientists.

In-house Training

Tesseract Academy can also deliver training in your premises. The workshop is flexible, which means that you can choose which sessions you are interested in, and whether you want to focus on any particular use cases.

Blockchain and ICO Training

Tesseract Academy also offers training in Blockchain, covering all subjects from the inner workings of blockchain to the Ethereum protocol and building token economies.

Personal mentoring/coaching

Need something more bespoke, or special assistance? Get in touch and we can help you out!

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