This month in data science there have been some exciting news ranging from Africas first data artificial intelligence lab to machine learning making our pesto more delicious! Check out our highlights below!


Whats the issue with sentimental analysis? 
By Dr. Stylianos Kampakis – The Data Scientist

It is of no doubt that ‘Big Data’ has become a buzz-word we are hearing more and more often. But what is truly fascinating, is the huge impact it has had on major industries in recent years. This piece in Analytics Insight specifically talks about the changes and impact Big Data has had on the healthcare sector.

By Kamalika Some – Analytics Insight

Google has opened its first Africa Artificial Intelligence lab in Ghana

Google has now added to its extensive list of AI research centres across the globe by opening one in Ghana, making it the first AI lab in Africa. Find out more in this article in CNN.

By Aanu Adeoye – CNN

Machine learning is making pesto even more delicious

Machine Learning is having a major impact on many industries, but who would have thought that it could cause a bit of a stir in our taste buds!  Here in MIT Tech Review you can read about how ML is making pesto tastier!

By Will Knight – MIT Technology Review

Dynamic Pricing Explained: Machine Learning in Revenue Management and Pricing Optimization By AltexSoft

Dynamic pricing is a price setting method that is typically applied in many industries. This article in AltexSoft explains the key advantages of using the strategy as well as everything you need to know before applying it.

Top 10 Coding Mistakes Made by Data Scientists

Check out the list by a chief data scientist on the 10 most common mistakes made by data scientists when coding and inputting data.

By Norman Neimer – KD Nuggets

AI is turning thoughts into speech. Should we be concerned?

Ever wished you can read someones thoughts? Well it turns out there’s a way that AI can. Though this can be considered such a great technological breakthrough, with it come a lot of issues, more specifically concerning one’s privacy. Read more here at Big Think.

By Derek Beres – Big Think

Check out some of the exciting news and advancements relating to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies for this month!


Blockchain 50: Billion Dollar Babies

Blockchain has undoubtedly taken the world by a storm. Check out the 50 companies that Forbes has identified as being active in their involvement in implementing and exploring blockchain through different ventures.

By Michael De Castillo – Forbes

Coinbase Launches Crypto Visa Debit Card for UK and EU Customers 

A new Visa debit card which allows customers to automatically convert their crypto currency to the flat currency has been launched by the crypto exchange giant Coinbase. The card is currently only exclusive to the UK and EU and has already released an app which is available to download on Android and iOS platforms. Find out more at Coin Desk.

By Yogita Khatri – Coin Desk

Blockchain technology is currently top of the French governments list of priorities, according to Bruno Le Maire, France’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire. He has also revealed plans for the country to be making massive investments in blockchain tech in the foreseeable future. Read more via Coin Telegraph.

French Minister of Finance: Blockchain Is a Government Priority
By Marie Huillet – Coin Telegraph

PayPal Makes Its First-Ever Investment in a Blockchain Startup

The global leading online payment platform Paypal has made its first investment in a blockchain tech start up. They took this major step as they see the huge potential benefits and advantages that adapting the use of blockchain technology can bring them. Read more at Coin Desk.

By Ian Allison – Coin Desk

How a blockchain startup with 1M users is working to break your Google habit

The startup Presearch, which is a blockchain-based decentralized search engine, founded in 2017 is pushing for a community- driven and pro-privacy search engine. It also rewards members with Presearch tokens for using and promoting the platform. Read more on Tech Crunch to know how Presearch came about and what they are trying to achieve.

By Natasha Lomas- Tech Crunch

Blockchain, A.I., and the Shifting Landscape of Technology

New ways to implement blockchain and artificial intelligence into businesses and start-ups are constantly being developed. Check out this piece in Entrepreneur to find out more on why decision makers are increasingly turning to blockchain and AI and how they are benefiting organisations.

By Nikhil Chandwani – Entrepreneur 

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